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“Reduce Waste, Recycle It And Reuse Through Briquettes”

Radhe Industrial Corporation welcomes to you all in the world of machining excellence. Twenty one years of our experience and vision towards the customer satisfaction and excellent quality. From our inception in 1991 we build the company "A Temple Of Technology" through team work and our endeavor efforts.

The Radhe is the first company to manufacture jumbo-90 Briquetting machine in India. Jumbo-90 Briquetting machine is our flagship product. Is is made with the latest technology and innovation machine in the field of briquettes. RADHE group is mainly engaged in manufacturing and exporting Briquetting machine, Briquetting plant and biomass Briquetting plant.

Our product showcase is as follows:

  • Briquetting machine
  • Cutter/crusher
  • Flash air dryer
  • Hammer mill

After the independence there was a big hurdle about pollution and challenge in front of world that how to decrease it but RICO has converted challenge into opportunity. Our Briquetting machine is able to grind any type of raw material into briquettes so we can reduce the wastage. Because a thousand tons of waste either burnt or dumped into the sea or land but Briquetting plant through we an use it optimally. Briquettes are Eco friendly as well as economical than black coal and lignite.

The Radhe Industrial Corporation's vision is to be the best placed, most reliant names in the manufacturer of Briquetting machine globally. Our finished product biomass briquettes helps to reduce carbon emissions and try to create a prosperous earth.

Message from CMD:

Being a part of the Indian manufacturing fraternity we are always committed to enlarging the best of our efforts for the development of the nation economically as well as technologically.

The machinery is the backbone of the any industry without machinery is it possible to do anything? The answer is but natural NO. So the role of machine manufacturer is pivotal for the development of any nation.

As environment concern Radhe Industrial Corporation manufacture the Briquetting machine because it plays a crucial role to prevent pollution. And we always strive sincerely for the prosperous future and products or services offered by us.

Moreover I always ready to bear responsibility to uplift the society by the way of creating a greener world and we are delivering 100% what we have committed to our customers.

Sincere Thanks
P. A. Patel

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