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Cutter/Crusher Briquette cutters

Crusher / Cutter

Model: "Crusher / Cutter"
Capacity: 1500/Kg (+- 20% Depending on Quality of Raw Material)
Input Raw Material Size: 25mm to 50mm
Input Raw Material Length: 300mm to 2000mm
Power Requirement:
  • 15 HP (1440 RPM)
Moving Trolley  
  • Propeller for tractor attachment (Optional Parts)
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A crusher / cutter machine is used to convert raw material in small particle. Some raw material is available in large parts so it cannot be directly fed into Briquetting machine so crusher through we can convert it into small parts. Than small parts of raw material fed into Briquetting plant and it is ready to make briquettes.

Our Briquetting machine is generally able to grind material up to 25mm. And raw material size exceeds 25mm then there is a need of crusher machine and small parts directly fed into Briquetting machine. Generally Straw type waste like Coconut Leaves, Cotton Stalks having size above 100 mm must be crushed in the crusher & afterwards this crushed material is ready to feed in the Briquetting machine directly.
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