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Flash Dryers for briqutte

Flash Air Dryer

Model: "TORNADO"
Power Requirements: Flash Air Dryer
Production capacity: 1200Kg/hr. (±20% depending on density and quality of raw material)
Drying Capacity: 20% (In one cycle)
Input Moisture: 35% (Maximum)
Outlet Moisture: 15%
Power Requirement: 23.5 HP
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RICO offers best quality of flash dryer machine to dry the raw material. RICO is a vast manufacturing unit that produces flash air dryer. The main utility of flash air dryer is to dry moisture raw material. Some exceptional raw material contains moisture so it cannot be directly fed into Briquetting machine first of all raw material pass through the dryer and our flash dryer maximum 20% is dried in one cycle.

If raw material size is more than 25mm and then there is a need to dry raw material so flash air dryer through we can dry the raw material. First of all raw material fed into the dryer and compressed under high temperature about 300 C and absorbed all moisture among the moisture content. Then dried raw material fed into Briquetting machine and now raw material ready to make briquettes.
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