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Biomass Briquetting Machines


With the growing cost of fuel, biomass briquettes are one of the best alternatives. As we know that briquette are made from agricultural waste like jute shell and other organic material. Biomass Briquetting is a process where raw material gathered and compressed under high pressure without using chemical or sulfur. These briquettes are highly used to heat industrial boilers. As we know that briquettes are more affordable and competitive in price as compared black coal.

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Jumbo – 90 Briquetting Press
Jumbo-90 Briquetting machine is designed with well equipped technology and sufficient to meet the large demand of briquettes. This machine is perfect who want large production of briquettes. This machine saves operational cost and consumes low electricity as compare to other machines.
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Super 70 – Briquetting Plant
The Super-70 Briquetting machine able to grind agriculture forestry, industrial waste into briquettes. This machine is specially designed where availability of raw material is medium. So the Super-70 Briquetting machine is perfectly suitable for medium production of briquettes.
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Flash Air Dryer
Flash air dryer is made with a view to dry raw material. If raw material contains moisture than directly we cannot put into Briquetting machine. So to dry raw material flash air dryer is required and moisture raw material become dry and able to make briquettes.
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Crusher / Cutter
The crusher machine is also known as cutter machine. If raw material size exceeds 25mm than there is a need to convert large rocks into smaller rocks. Some raw material available in large form so we cannot directly put into a Briquetting machine crusher though it converts into small parts and then raw material fed into a Briquetting machine to make briquettes.
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Hammer Mill
The main function of hammer mill is to convert raw material into powder form. If raw material size ranging from 0-100mm is grinded with hammer mill. Then it is fed into a Briquetting machine to convert into solid fuels. So hammer mill convert that raw material in powder form and then able to make briquettes.
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