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machine briquette
machine a briquette
Biomass Briquetting Press

Super-70 Briquetting machine

Product Capacity: 750 Kg/Hr ± 20 % (Depending on Raw Material Size & Quality)
Power Requirement: 49 HP
Raw Material Form: 10 to 12 mm can be used directly. (No need to grind it)
Moisture content: 10 & 12% Maximum (If higher than this, it would require to dry it.)
Processing Cost: Indian Rs.660/- ±10%
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The super-70 briquetitng machine is launched by RICO in the year 1992. The Super-70 Briquetting plant is perfect suitable where availability of raw material is medium. And this model is best who want medium scale production of briquettes.

The Super-70 Briquetting machine is made with superior quality and contains world class quality. It requires low operational cost and save maintenance cost also. Any type of raw material directly fed into Briquetting machine and raw material compressed under high pressure without using chemical or sulfur.

Features of super-70 Briquetintg Machine:
The Super-70 Briquetting machine is perfectly suitable where availability of raw material is medium.
Super-60 model need hammer mill to convert raw material into powder form whereas super-70 through directly raw material fed into Briquetting machine.

This machine is specially designed for the raw material up to 12mm.
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